Watch Out for Dog Poisons

Many ordinary, household items, if ingested by your dog, may cause your pet to turn fatally ill.  You need to be careful of what you leave laying around the house, and keep things out of your pup’s reach.  Here are a few items to keep stored away and inaccessible to your dog.

Human Food

When the whole family is sitting around the dining room table, and you have not taught your dog to exit the room during dinnertime, you leave your dog at risk.  For you leave your dog available to eat scraps off the dining room floor.  By doing so, your dog may be in danger.  For example, if someone at the table is eating chocolate brownies for dessert and your dog eats up the leftover chocolate left on the floor, then you may be putting your pup’s life in danger.  Chocolate is the number one killer of dogs.   It causes excessive diarrhea, vomiting, abnormal heart palpitations, and seizures.  You should teach your dog how to sit in his/her own spot during human mealtime preventing your dog from ingesting table scraps.

Human Drugs

Human medications may cause your dog to die.  You need to keep all medicines off countertops and away in high shelves unreachable to your pup.  If you do not take these precautions, your dog may ingest whatever liquid, pills, tablets left in plain sight without knowing the risk involved.  You are the responsible, loving pet owner.  Therefore, ensure your actions reflect this and provide your dog with a healthy and happy environment.

Pet owners across the world, would love to keep their pets around as long as possible.  Thus, be responsible and do the right thing.  Keep the human food and medications away from your dog ensuring your dog’s health remains intact, not faltering due to the presence of these harmful elements.

To find out more about what household items may harm your dog; check out Florida dog training classes and puppy preschool today.