When Dogs Play Nice

When your dog is socializing with other pups, it is important to understand what cheerful play between two pups is and when it is time to step in.

What is Upbeat Play?

Some inexperienced dog owners have difficult knowing when two dogs are having fun interacting. Here are a few traits allowing further comprehension regarding what is all in good fun.

Watch Body Language

When dogs are in a playful mood, their bodies are in a relaxed state.  They tend to jump around with each other taking turns playing various games, such as chasing one another around and wrestling.  It is harmless play, as long as you notice the dogs are taking natural breaks in-between games.  For example, if two dogs are chasing one another, stop to drink, resume with playtime, stop again for a breather, resume with wrestling, pattern repeated, then it is safe to notate it is solely amusement.  The breaks are a means for dogs to lower the heightened level of excitement preventing it from growing into aggressive behavior.  It is something a dog initiates on its own.  However, if the dogs do not stop and pause in-between sessions, then this could translate to a negative situation escalating quickly.  This is when you intervene immediately before something tragic happens.

It is difficult to control a negative situation between two dogs unless you have the proper training.  Florida dog training professionals are available to help you ensure your dog is not involved in such terrible situations.  Florida dog obedience training prevents the risk of this occurring to your precious pup.