What is a Dog Park?

Dog parks are a safe, happy, friendly place created for dogs to socialize, exercise, and roam freely off a leash.  A well-designed dog park is a positive environment to take your pup.  It encourages physical activity, bonding, and interacting with other dogs and people.  These are all factors you wish to incorporate into your dog’s life to make your pup live a healthy and joyful life.  However, you need to make sure the dog park has certain elements before selecting to take your dog into this new environment.

Check out the Space

Dog parks should have plenty of space for your pup to roam freely.  A dog park built with distance, wide openings, and many areas to run may be the perfect location for you and your dog.  If there is not enough room, then be cautious.  Overcrowding influences bad behavior with dogs.  For example, if it is overcrowded, tension arises within dogs resulting in possible fights.  Thus, make sure the dog park has lots of room for your dog to run around without worry.

Examine the Fencing

The fencing in a dog park should be secure.  A reputable dog park would not have holes where dogs are able to escape.  Furthermore, make sure there is an entry area where you are able to enter with your dog before stepping into the dog park.  Generally, this is a double-gated area preventing other dogs from sneaking out while you are walking in.

Dog parks also need to supply water, shade, and a designated section for small dogs only.  Dog parks are an excellent place to bond with your dog and allow your dog to bond with others.  You just need to be sure your dog is up-to-date on k9 training and Florida dog training. For both of these classes would be able to teach you how to handle unexpected situations.