Taking your pet to the office is a privilege most people cannot claim.  It is fortunate to be able to have your dog alongside while at work all day long.  Your pet does not get lonely, has your companionship and the setting is stimulating.  But before you dive right into bringing your dog to the office, you should review these tips.  They will help you make the transition for your pet and co-workers go smoothly.

Find Out About Your Co-Workers First

If you have co-workers who really don’t want your dog to be around the office, then reconsider.  You do not want it to become a hostile environment.  And even though you love dogs, do not assume everyone else does too.  In addition, perhaps your co-worker does not want your dog’s fur getting all over their work clothes.  It is difficult to be fashion forward with dog fur stuck to your brand new designer suit.  Therefore, be prepared that not everyone will see the dog being present in the same light as you.  Bring a baby gate to work or some type of play pen for your dog.  This will keep your dog from running all over the place.

Dog Proof the Area

You know the drill.  Get down on your hands and knees, crawl around on dog level and hide anything that would be toxic, harmful and/or damaging to your dog.  Tie wires up out of the way.  Put writing utensils away in drawers.  Empty out the garbage cans ensuring the temptation for your dog to peak in there is gone.

To find out more about what needs to be done in regards to brining your pup to the office, talk to a Florida dog obedience trainer or a k9 obedience instructor today.