Family behavior has changed.  Instead of one person working in a home, there are two out of the house all day long working fulltime, and in some cases more than one job.   In addition, the idea of being able to afford a big house with a backyard is gone.  Some families now live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment.  It is all some people can afford.  And if you are a dog, then this is a big adjustment.

A dog is used to running around freely, chasing after wildlife in the backyard, and interacting with someone throughout the day due to one parent staying home.  But now everything has shifted.  A dog is expected to stay in a house for eight or ten hours a day with no other interaction.  And then being cooped up with family members and no room to roam or space solely designated for your canine, may cause mental issues in dogs opening up the door to taking a closer look at behavior meds in dogs.

Some experts do not believe in providing a dog with mood altering medications.  It cost too much, and there is a belief that the situation may be fixed with proper dog training and interaction.  However, in some cases, this is not always the case.  There are times when a dog has an unsettling fear towards other humans and animals.  A medication along with positive reinforcement could reduce these fears easing the stress on your dog’s body.

It is a tough road to adjust your dog’s behavior regardless of the method utilized.  But perhaps there is something to be said for providing medications alongside positive reinforcement to help your dog remain calm, peaceful and happy.

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