Your pet is susceptible to the same diseases as humans.  Your dog is capable of developing and suffering from arthritis.  It is a debilitating disease if not addressed properly.  And by no means is this information a substitute for having your pup examined by a veterinarian.   This is just basic information on dog arthritis.

Many different breads develop degenerative joint disease causing major discomfort and issues in their movement.  The hip is the most common joint attacked by the disease.   It is a problem for it slows down dog activity, and causes pain with mobility.  But there are treatments to control the pain and reduce the damaging process caused by the disease.

One treatment available is to prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  It is what humans take too for the same medical issue.  Aspirin falls into this category of drugs and is the most popular aid relieving the symptoms.  However, it does cause gastrointestinal side effects.  Other drugs available may be more potent than Aspirin with less problems on the digestive system.  You need to ask your veterinarian what options are available to you today.

But there is something you can do now to prevent this disease from occurring.  You need to keep your dog on a proper exercise regimen and diet.  Your dog needs to maintain positive reinforcement activity.  And if the disease does strike have your canine engage in low or no impact exercise such as swimming and/or walking.  Every little bit helps.

To find out more about the proper way to exercise your pup without injury, talk to a Florida dog obedience and a k9 obedience instructor today.