Have your friends ever commented regarding how your dog should be in his/her own commercial?  Do you compare your dog to the ones on screen and think my dog could do that?  Planning a show business career for your dog is great.  It pays well, your dog will be pampered, and the scenes are fun for your dog to make.  But you need to evaluate a few characteristics before jumping into the Hollywood scene.

Objectively Review Your Dog’s Temperament

Before your dog is able to enter the world of commercials and/or film, be certain your dog is able to work with other animals and people.  Your dog must be able to follow direction well, and not be scared of lights, camera, and ever changing locations.  Furthermore, your dog should love to be around different people.  For you never know whom your dog will be working alongside. Thus, the more comfortable your dog is with people, the better he/she will perform on-set.

Invite Friends Over to Give Your Dog Commands

Invite your friends over to interact with your dog permitting you to see if your dog follows their commands too.  It is a test to exhibit how well your dog takes direction from other people other than yourself.  This is essential in determining whether your dog is ready for show business or not.

Deciding if your dog is ready for a career in acting may be tricky.  The best thing to do is to ask a k9 obedience training professional for an outside opinion.  Find out what a Florida dog training expert thinks regarding your dog becoming the next “Lassie.”