Are you getting ready to visit friends and family during summer holiday?  Is your budget low so the car is the best way to go?  What are you going to do about your dog on the trip?  You do not wish to leave your dog behind so why not bring your pup along.  It does not take much to make your dog comfortable on a road trip.  It solely takes a little preparation and viola!  Your puppy may ride with you.

Practice Makes Perfect

You need to prepare your dog by taking your dog on short trips.  Take your pup around town or to the gas station with you.  Let your dog feel okay sitting in a crate, while it being in the car.  Secure a crate in the car and have your dog ride in it.  Be certain the crate does not slide around.  You need it to remain in place in case of unwanted car movements.  This way your dog stays safe in the crate no matter if something suddenly happens and your car veers out of control.

Backseat Rider

When your dog rides along, keep your dog in the backseat of the car.  If possible, attach a harness or click a seat buckle around your dog.  And, forget about allowing your dog to stick his/hers head outside the window.  I know, I know, there is not a day that passes by where you do not see a vehicle on the roads permitting their dog to partake in this action. Nevertheless, it is not healthy.  Your dog will be at risk for inner ear damage.  Alternatively, if something was flying down the road, it may hit your dog causing life-threatening damage.  Avoid these scenarios completely.  The damage, which may ensue, is not worth it.

Do not be scared to travel with your dog on road trips.   You love to be with your dog so why not bring your pup along.  Just be cautious and smart about how to proceed ensuring the safety, health and happiness of you and your dog.  Talk to a Florida dog training professional today.  He/she will be able to provide you with more experienced advice on how to travel with your dog by car.