Some dog owners like to use voice commands while others may utilize hand signals.  But what exactly are hand signals?  How do hand signals work when training a dog? Here are the basic aspects of training with hand signals providing you with a better idea of how it works.

Hand Signal Training is Effective

Hand signals are a way to communicate with your dog without saying a word.  It provides your pup with a visual that correlates to a specific command.  For instance, if you are training your dog to “stay” then you need to signal this in comprehensive manner.  One way is to place your hand out away from your body with your palm facing the dog motioning stop with an open hand.   After practicing this motion your dog will understand this means “stay.”  Just be careful not to place your hand in a different manner while trying to convey the same command.  Dogs will become confused and not understand that it is supposed to mean the same thing.  Thus, once you choose a specific hand signal for a command, do not change it.

If there are other people in the household, be sure to teach them how to implement this task too.  You want everyone in the house to be consistent.  It helps the dog feel at ease.  It keeps your dog calm and relaxed when everyone is executing the exact method of training.  Furthermore, if you have someone who dog sits for you, teach him/her how to accomplish the command in an identical fashion.

Dogs understand hand signals.  You just need to spend time with your dog ensuring your pup comprehends the training.  If you have any questions talk to a Florida dog training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.