This little breed of dogs needs some extra care when training.  Of course, each dog has its own personality, but there are a few things to keep in mind regarding all Chihuahuas across the board.

Adapt to Size

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs, so when training use a leash and collar that won’t injure the neck.  Their necks do damage easily.  It is wise to avoid choke collars.  Try out a harness instead.  It would be safer on your canine and may assist in implementing dog training smoothly.

Socialize Your Pup

A small dog tends to react in an aggressive manner out of fear towards other animals and people.  However, this may be rectified by socializing your puppy at a young age.  Do this by taking your small dog around town during errands and drives.  Allow your puppy to interact with others.  Your dog will become accustomed to others preventing a negative behavior from developing.

Use Treats, Patience and Love

First, never attempt to train your dog if you are feeling anxious, tired or short-fused.  It won’t help the training session.  Your dog is an extension of you, and if you carry any of these negative emotions into your lesson, then the dog will react poorly.  But if you are positive, happy, and a good leader, then your dog will react accordingly.

For more tips on how to train your Chihuahua, talk to a Florida dog training instructor or a k9 obedience professional today.