A German shepherd is a great dog!  They are loyal, strong, protective and reliable working dogs.  But before bringing home your German shepherd puppy, it is a positive idea to gather as much information ensuring you are knowledgeable about your new addition.  Here are some basic background facts about this breed.

Senses are Keen

These dogs have sharp senses, and there are ways to enhance their development.  For instance, these dogs have a strong sense of smell.  So when you take your dog for runs allow your dog to roam around and sniff the environment.  It is a joy for your dog to embark in this experience.  Therefore, encourage it.  It is what your dog naturally likes to do.

In addition, these dogs are very intelligent, which makes training easy.  And Florida dog obedience training courses assist in showing you how you to contribute towards your dog’s progress through training.  For example, if you play fetch with your dog, it provides the dog with a skill that improves obedience.  For when your dog plays with you, he/she has to be obedient to you through positive reinforcement.  This carries all the way through your dog’s life making certain that your dog is well behaved, as he/she gets older.

To find out more information about German shepherd breeds, talk to a k9 obedience instructor or enroll in a puppy class today.