There are ways to make dog walking not seem so much like a chore, but rather time you both may enjoy together.  Here are some basic tips to keep you on the right track.

Choose Your Leash Wisely

You need to be sure to select a lease that coincides with your dog’s personality and habits.  If your dog is easy to walk even during high traffic, then a flexi-leash is fine.  It allows your dog to explore surroundings without feeling confide.  If your dog has the bad habit of biting on the leash, a chain leash may be more appropriate.

Stay Off the Lawn

Pesticides, fertilizers, various plants and flowers may all be dangerous to your pet’s health.  Stay away from these areas.  In addition, you don’t know what type of bugs or creatures could be looming within the grass.  There may be a poisonous snake or spider.  Just steer clear to keep your canine safe.

Allow Your Dog to Say Hi…Within Reason

If along the path other dogs and people wish to pet your dog, then wait and see how your dog reacts.  If your dog is known to remain calm and allow people to greet, then great.  Encourage it.  If your dog does not get along with others avoid the contact altogether.  You don’t want a negative situation to ensue.

To find out more dog walking tips, talk to a Florida dog obedience professional or enroll in a k9 obedience class today.