Teach a Dog to Sit and Life Becomes Peaceful

Teaching a dog to sit may be utilized for various scenarios.  For instance, when people come to the house your dog may greet other people while sitting.  It provides a calm state for your dog whenever company arrives.  Your pup no longer jumps on company but rather greets your guest in a mild manner.  This behavior enhances your loving home decreasing any stress that may arise from a pup’s behavior.

Teach Your Dog the “Sit” Command

The steps to teaching a dog to sit are not complicated.  It solely takes repetition and positive reinforcement ensuring your pup understands the verbal command.   The way you begin is to stand up, say, “Sit,” and place a treat within one inch of your dog’s nose.  The treat has to be placed near the nose or else your dog may jump to reach the treat.

Next, move the treat toward the top of the head, arching it up over the nose.  This allows the dog to back up and raise the snout.  Once the snout is raised up in the air, the behind sits down.  It is natural behavior in dogs to display such a reaction.  As a result, you now have a seated dog.

Once your dog sits say, “Yes,” in a delighted tone, give your pup the treat, and provide lots of loving praise.

Talk to a Florida dog training professional today to find out the further steps regarding how to teach your dog to sit in such an affirmative manner.  A professional dog trainer will be able to guide you through the process ensuring you are implementing the instruction properly and in a loving, accepting technique strengthening the bond between you and your pup.