Rescue a Puppy, Adopt

Puppies left in shelters have been abandoned, left behind, and sometimes abused by prior owners.  Maybe the puppy was a victim of a puppy mill or left to fend for him/her self on the street.  Thus, why not adopt the puppy into your loving, healthy, happy home ensuring a wonderful experience for you and your family?  Adopting a puppy is a mutually beneficial experience.  You just need to be sure to pick the right puppy.

Think about Dog Size

Puppies are adorable.  There is no question about it.  But you need to think about what type of adult dog are you looking for and able to accommodate into your lovely home.  Are you looking for a jogging companion or a family friendly dog?  This may be tricky if the breed of the dog is unknown. However, look at the puppy’s paws.  The size of the paws tells how big the pup will grow up to be.  Ask the shelter volunteers if they know the breed.  Find out if the pup is friendly around kids and other adults.  Do you already have pets in the home?  Discover if the pup is friendly with other animals in the shelter.  All of these questions will help guide you into finding the right dog for you.

Evaluate Puppy Personality

Take the pup outside of the kennel into a space allowed to visit with the pup at the shelter.  Try different tests to find out the pup’s personality.  For instance, pick up the puppy in your arms, cradle the pup in same manner as you hold a baby and see if the pup relaxes.  Is the pup struggling to jump out of your arms?  If so, then the pup may need additional training, which is simple when working with a Florida dog training professional.  If the dog relaxes in your arms, then the pup is familiar with being held and may be a quick study when it comes to puppy preschool classes.

Talk to a k9 obedience training professional before adopting.  He/she will be able to guide you in the right direction.