Some dogs will run after a toy no problem.  But the trick is when your dog brings the toy back to you.  Does your dog hold on to it?  Does your dog wander off with it?  You need to teach your dog to bring you the ball and drop it.  This is where some dog owners are unsure how to implement.  Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Teach “Drop It” Command

If your dog has no problem chasing after the toy, but needs help with the “drop it” command, then this is the advice for you.  When your dog fetches the toy, call to your dog.  Your dog should already know “come” and “sit”.  Thus, when you call to your canine, your dog comes.  Afterwards, say the words “drop it.”  While doing so, put a treat in front of your dog’s nose.  This will automatically cause your dog to drop the toy where you want and be prepared to receive the treat.   When your dog does so, praise your dog.  Give your dog the treat, and repeat this method.  After practicing this technique, your dog will understand the command “drop it.”  And you shall be able to play fetch with your pet.

This is only one of many tips taught in a Florida dog obedience training class.  The instructor will show you how to play fetch using different methods, finding the positive technique that works for your pup.