Taking your dog on outdoor summer excursions is great!  Your dog gets exercise, runs around outdoors, and it is a wonderful excuse to relax and get away from the city.  But you need to prepare for these outings properly.  Here are some basic rules to follow regarding how to keep your dog safe while vacationing outside.

Update Identification Tags and Microchips

Before leaving for vacation, update your dog’s identification tag information.  Make sure the phone number, address, and name are recent.  In addition, it is a good idea to implant a microchip in case your dog gets lost.  Your dog might run around in the wilderness, and of course, you should be near or have your dog on a leash the entire time.  However, sometimes the leash breaks, or your dog may run after a squirrel and get lost.  Thus, an identification tag and microchip are a great way for others whom may come across your dog to identify your pup and bring him/her back to you safely.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If your outdoor adventure is in the woods gain knowledge about the area prior to departing.  Know what plants may be threatening to your dog’s health.  Find out if there are any poisonous vegetation and in which region they would be growing.  Furthermore, if you are going to take your dog to the beach, discover if there are jellyfish in the water.  Gain information about your location prior to letting your dog explore.  It is vital to keeping your dog safe, and yourself at all times.

It is summer time, and with the warm weather comes the temptation to run outdoors with your canine.  Just take extra steps to keep your dog healthy throughout the entire summer season.  Talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional today.  Find out what other precautions they suggest, so you may travel with confidence.