There are techniques to help your dog cope with separation anxiety.   A Florida dog obedience training professional can teach you specifics, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to help you start training immediately.

Step Away in Small Spurts

The first method utilizes the “stay” command.  Be certain your canine is able to master this command.  Once your pup is able to execute it properly, try stepping into another room, say the stay command, shut the door and wait.  Sit there for a short amount of time and walk back out.  It allows your dog to get used to the fact you are not present.  Do this a few times.

After completing the entering and leaving a room, implement the same technique with exit doors and food toys.  For instance, if you normally leave for work out the backdoor use it for this practice.  Walk towards the backdoor, put a toy filled with food goodies for the dog, say the stay command, shut the door and walk out of sight.  Stay outside for a time.  There are many messages sent via this action.

The food tells the dog regarding the time apart is a non-threatening, positive experience.  By departing for short amounts of time, it shows the dog you return and are not leaving permanently; therefore, there is no reason to panic or feel anxious.  Eventually, you lengthen the time in-between departures for your dog shall associate the fact of you leaving and being gone with everything is okay.  You always return.  As a result, it is solely a time to relax and not one of worry.

For more information on how to help your dog cope with being apart, meet with a k9 obedience instructor today.