My most recent posts have covered a wide array of holiday topics related to your dog.  I discussed safe foods your dog can eat from the Thanksgiving feast.  I talked about the best dog toys for the holidays.  I even shared winter safety tips for your canine.  Today, let us expand on the seasonal advice and talk about keeping your dog safe while preparing the house with holiday decorations.

Holiday Ornaments

Some people love the look of glass ornaments hanging from the tree.  There is no denying that these delicate ornaments are beautiful, but if you have a dog then leave out the glass.

Glass ornaments break easily.  Once broken on the ground, your dog may accidentally step on one cutting his own feet.  Alternatively, if your dog picks one up with his mouth, it could cause fatal injury.  Choose something safe to use on the tree.  But keep in mind, do not use edible decorations.  This may be too tempting for the dog and cause a different kind of havoc to unfold.

Holiday Lights

The greatest advice I have for holiday lights is to keep the lights high enough where the dog cannot reach.  This even applies for the yard lights.

A light could become extremely hot and burn your dog.  Preserve the higher branch areas outside, and elevated places in the home for lights.   This will keep everyone in the family happy and safe this holiday season.

For more advice on how to create the holiday spirit with dog safe décor, talk to a k9 obedience instructor or a Florida dog training professional today.