Some dogs love to be social while others not so much.  You have to be sure your dog wants a playmate before finding one.  Some older dogs just do not wish to socialize with canines anymore.  They prefer the company of humans.  Also, if you have an older dog that did not socialize much while young, then it may not be a good idea.  The best indicator of what your dog needs can be spotted through your dog’s reaction to others while on walks.  Does your dog get excited when seeing other canines?  Does your dog wish to play with others passing by?  If your dog reacts positively while around other dogs, then it may be time to find your dog a buddy.

Where to Look for a Dog Playmate

The first place to look is at dog training classes and dog parks.  Frequent these locations and see how your dog interacts with others.  Does your dog enjoy being around other canines?  Does your pup sniff and play?  What is your dog’s body language say about the encounter?  Is your dog tense or relaxed?  If your dog is relaxed, running around in a good mood with certain dogs then talk to the owners of these dogs.  You will be able to tell which dogs your pup appeals to the most by the type of interaction occurring.   And pay attention if there are specific dogs your pup stays away from completely.  Do not attempt to put these two as a match.  Your dog is trying to tell you that he/she does not like this particular dog.

Dog playmates encourage socialization, communication, mental and physical growth.  Dogs play games with each other emphasizing the overall development of your dog.  Thus, locating a dog playmate is a good idea if your dog’s personality excels while being around other canines.

If you are having trouble finding a playmate for your dog talk to a Florida dog training professional today.  He/she will be able to guide you on how to manage this process ensuring there are positive outcomes from the experience.