What if you just adopted a new dog and the dog’s name was that of your ex-business partner who swindled you out of thousands of dollars?  You do not want a reminder of the scoundrel every time you call your loving puppy.  Alternatively, what if the dog’s original name was the same as your ex-wife, but the current wife would not find that too amusing.  Thus, change your dog’s name to something more suitable and appealing for the entire family.  Talk to a Florida dog training professional about name training, but in the meantime, here is an outline on how to start implementing the name change through positive reinforcement.

Name Training is Easy

Name training your dog is not that difficult.  All you need are treats, patience, and a positive attitude.  Start by holding out a treat in your hand while stating your dog’s new name.  Once your dog responds by looking at you, hand the dog the treat immediately.  Provide an abundance of praise.  Now, repeat this technique again.   It is essential to the training not to call the dog’s name for anything other than positive praise.

For instance, if your dog is in trouble do not call the dog by name to implement punishment.  It will only confuse your pup later on.  For the dog remembers the name was associated with punishment.  Therefore, the dog will not come when called to.  Hence, keep the name usage to positive moments and commands.

For more information about how to rename a dog in a positive manner, talk to puppy kindergarten instructor today.