Air Travel with Your Dog Made Easy

Some dog owners become anxious with the idea of traveling with a pup.  It is natural to feel a bit nervous.  But if you take the proper steps to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable during travel, then there is no reason to fret.

Freeze the Water

One trick to successful air dog travel is the evening prior to departure, freeze a tray of water for your dog.  The frozen water translates to no spilling during loading.  As a result, by the time your dog has settled down, the water will melt away becoming available to quench your dog’s thirst when needed.

Compare Shipping Crates

Not all shipping crates are created equal.  You need to find a USDA-approved shipping crate before taking your pup on a flight.  Look for a crate that has plenty of room for your dog to sit, stand, and turn around comfortably.  Line the crate with towels to absorb any accidents that may occur.  Dogs do not discard of waste where they sleep, but you need to take precautionary measures for possible mishaps during long flights and delays.

Make Credentials Visible

Securely attach identification tags to your dog’s collar.  Place a photograph of your dog on top of the crate ensuring recognition is straightforward.  Also, alert all traveling personnel that your dog is in cargo.  Therefore, if a delay occurs, an airline representative will remember to check up on your dog instead of leaving your dog alone.

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