Dogs have the natural instinct to chase after passing objects and live beings, such as vehicles, people and other animals.  But how do you teach your dog not to engage in such behavior?  Is it possible to teach an animal not to act on intuition?  It is possible and necessary when keeping your dog safe.  You do not want your canine to run across the street to chase after a squirrel and put itself in danger.  Here are a few tips on how to prevent a negative outcome from occurring.

Use a Long Line Leash

Take your puppy out to an area where wildlife frequently visits.  Make sure your dog is on a secure, long line leash without tension.  It needs to provide the sensation of running free without a leash.  Leashes that provide tension will not do.  Next, have treats and your dog’s favorite toys with you.  Currently, when another animal passes by your dog, call to your dog to “come” and show the treat and/or toy while running in the opposite direction as the animal.  This will encourage your dog to follow.   Once your dog reaches your location, play games with your dog.  Engage your dog in physical activity with a positive aspect.  This will distract your puppy from Hela monsters, lizards, snakes and other animals that may come along and harm your puppy.

To find out more about how to teach your puppy not to chase meet with a Florida dog training professional or enroll in a puppy kindergarten class today.