The idea of children and dogs living together does not bring forth the idea of a harmonious home.  But if you talk to a Florida dog training professional, he/she will inform you that it is possible.  It is does not come about naturally, but with proper socialization taught to the pup and the child, then the two are able to live under the same roof without any biting or negative incident occurring.

Teach Your Child about Dogs

If your child is a toddler or younger, then it is advised to supervise interaction between the two.  Once the child reaches beyond toddler age, then it is essential to teach your child the basics about dog care.

For instance, teach your child not to touch the dog during feeding time.  A dog is instinctively aggressive while eating.  Thus, if a child, teenager or young adult approaches the dog during these times, then the dog will nip, bite and act in an aggressive manner.

In addition, teach your child not to attempt to separate two fighting dogs.  Educate your kid to ask an adult or someone else to break-up the situation.   There are many incidents reported annually where young adults are injured due to this exact scenario.  Thus, it is important subject matter to address with your children.

Break Bad Habits Immediately

Little kids exhibit specific bad habits when around dogs.  One display of common, negative behavior is children tend to pull on a pup’s ears.  Teach your child that it is not appropriate and stop it immediately.  A negative behavior acted upon between a child and a dog needs to be broken as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about how to introduce a dog to a new baby in a home talk to a k9 obedience professional today.