Dogs can be Picky Eaters

Some dogs will eat anything, while others are fussy eaters.  If a medication or a pill has an unappealing scent to a dog, then it will be difficult to get your dog to swallow or eat a pill.  However, here are some tricks to try out.

Mix it Up

First, ask the vet for a chewable pill.  This will help your dog eat it without forcing your pup to swallow it whole.  Then, once you have the pill and need to feed it to your dog, mix it up with a special treat.  Wrap it up in a cube of soft cheese.  If that does not work, try preparing five or six treats.  Put the pill in one of them.  Feed your dog a few of the treats right in a row.  Do not stop.  Then pop the one with the pill in the midst of it.  After the pill with the medication is given, offer another treat immediately.  Stay consistent.  Provide more treats in a row.  This technique does not present your dog enough time to realize you slipped a treat with medication.  It is too quick for the dog to realize what is occurring.  For the dog tastes the next treat rather than the pill.

If mixing it up does not work, try out other methods taught by K9 Obedience training classes.  There are positive, effective techniques to feeding your dog medications and Florida dog training is able to help you today.