Teach Your Dog the Commands “In” and “Out”

When it is time to bathe your dog, whether it is with a groomer or yourself, it helps to teach your pup how to get in and out of the tub.  It will save you time and energy in the end.  This is an outline of an effective, positive reinforcement method.

Use Treats and a Plain Box

First, prepare dog treats ahead of time.  Cut tiny pieces of chicken, cheese or a hot dog to use as incentive. Then find an empty cardboard box. The size should be big enough so a dog may be able to get inside and out comfortably.  Next, show your dog the treat.  Say, “Get in,” and toss the treat into the box.  Wait until your dog follows the treat.  Once your pup does, show adoration and say, “good.”  This allows the dog to associate these words with the physical actions.  It makes the idea of getting into the box as something delightful.  Later these same emotions will transfer to getting into a tub eliminating any fear.

Provide Positive Encouragement

The next part is teaching your dog to get out of the box.  This sometimes takes longer for the pup to comprehend.  But do not fret.

The way to start is by clapping your hands, stepping away from the box, and saying the command, “Get out.”  Do not be aggressive in your tone.  Still keep the mood light.  Your dog should follow.  Once your dog gets out do not offer treat.  Instead, show plenty of praise.  The reason being it emphasizes the fact that getting into the tub is the fun part.

For more information on how to teach your pup these commands consult with a Florida dog training professional or enroll in puppy kindergarten today!