We have talked about what to look for in a pet sitter in prior blogs, but we have never discussed what it takes to be a pet sitter.  If you are looking for extra holiday cash and you love pets, then being a pet sitter is the way to go.  It is in big demand during this time of the year.  Here are some tips on how to become an effective and successful pet sitter.

What Type of Dog Training is Necessary?

It is necessary to understand positive reinforcement training.  It helps you interact in an upbeat manner using a system of rewards and basic commands.  It keeps the dogs calm and following directions while still having a good time.  This will help you become a popular, successful and in-demand holiday pet sitter.

List of Materials Needed for Success

The first thing you need is a customized emergency packet for different occasions.  For instance, in the car you transport pets, drive them to dog parks, and take them for walks after a nice drive in the car.  So keep in the car things to cater to this situation.  Pack a first aid kit, extra leashes, collars, pet food, water bowl and a clean-up pet spray in case accidents happen in your vehicle.

At home, keep a packet filled with necessities.  To add value to your services, take a pet CPR class.  It will instill confidence in yourself, and the pet owners.  They will feel comfortable leaving their loving pets in your hands.

The expenses spent to establish a pet sitting business is minimal.  It is a matter of becoming comfortable with pet training.  Talk to one our Florida dog training or k9 obedience experts today.  Find out what skills are required to become a prominent pet sitter in your area.