Throughout my Florida dog training career, I have seen a wide array of dog training requests.  There is everything from show dogs, basic training and more.  Here is a brief overview of the two most popular canine training wishes.

Basic K9 Obedience

Whether you adopted an adult dog or a puppy, there are basic forms of training to review with your pet.  This is essential to creating a happy, healthy and loving home for the entire household.  It eliminates any bad habits from developing ensuring peace in the house remains for all household members.  It is also a chance to build a strong bond between you and your dog.  It encourages play through interaction, while learning a new command.  It is a positive experience for both parties, as long as positive reinforcement is utilized during these activities.  Examples of the basic principles covered are “sit” and “stay.”  These are two commands that are the foundation for the rest of your dog’s life.  It comes in handy when going for a walk, answering the door, and encountering other animals and humans.

Hollywood Dog Training

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be in commercials or movies?  This type of training includes basic canine obedience, but adds distinct elements to the training.  For instance, your dog needs to ignore external factors found on a commercial or movie set.  There are bright lights shining, crewmembers walking around, and loud noises coming from moving sets or equipment.  Your dog learns how to overlook these elements to deliver a given task or direction successfully.

To find out more about Florida dog training and what there is to offer your dog, talk to one of instructors today!