Traveling with a puppy for the holidays is different from traveling with an adult dog.  Florida dog training experts point out how adult dogs are calmer and relaxed under a wide array of scenarios.  If a party is going on, then an adult dog may be accustomed to the noise, people, food and drinks associated with the event.  To a puppy, it is all fresh.  A puppy needs positive reinforcement on how to behave during these circumstances.  Here is a guideline on how to prepare you, and your puppy for upcoming Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

Wear the Puppy Out Before You Arrive

This is a no-brainer.  Puppies have tons of energy.  Exercise your puppy before arriving at your destination.  Do not assume the homeowners will entertain and tire the puppy out for you.  It is common courtesy to arrive with your puppy prepared to rest.

Watch Out for Safety Hazards

When arriving at your holiday destination, take a look around the venue or house.  Watch out for anything the puppy could get into.  If there are Christmas lights hung too low, then ask if it is okay to raise it to a higher location.  If there are chocolates lying about, find out if you may move it out of your puppy’s reach.  Review the place just as if you were at home.  Make sure there is nothing puppy accessible, which may cause harm.

Stay safe while traveling with your precious pet for the holidays.  Be considerate of those you shall visit.

If you need more guidance, talk to puppy kindergarten instructors today.  They will provide tips on the best way to handle traveling situations.

Happy Holidays!