Many dog owners wonder if adopting a smaller breed is the right choice for them.  Small breed dogs are great but there are essential things to be aware of when buying these adorable teacup pets.

Size Does Matter

Adopting a teacup dog does make life simple in terms of space.  You do not need lots of space for these animals.  You just need a little bit of room for the dog to run around in.  However, you do need to take safety precautions.

Remove any electrical wires that are reachable by a teacup.  Larger breeds cannot get behind televisions, couches and other tiny areas, but a teacup can.  Remove any hazardous material found in cubbyholes.

Healing Time is Fatal

The main downfall of adopting a teacup is the health risk involved.  When an injury occurs to a large breed dog, the dog is able to heal properly without many issues.  The large body is able to handle the trauma.  When a teacup is injured, the results could be fatal.  A little teacup canine body can only take so much.   A teacup’s bones, body and organs are delicate and need additional attention and care.  If you are aware of this going into adoption then you will be able to provide a loving, safe, happy home for your new teacup pet.

To learn more about the pros and cons of adopting a teacup breed, talk to a Florida dog training professional of a k9 obedience instructor today!