What are Foot Booties?

Foot booties are basically shoes for dogs.  These ‘shoes’ can service many different uses, and knowing these can make all the difference in your opinion on the product.  Foot booties have been known for their big variety of uses on dogs, but what exactly are they used for? There is no singular reason to get your dog booties, but there are rather a variety of different booties for different situations.  Foot booties can have an enormous impact on dog health, and foot booties can be a big part of proper dog care.


Many dogs hate snow because the pads on their feet aren’t as thick as some other breeds, and it makes them cold to walk on it.  Foot booties protect their feet from the cold of snow making it more fun for them to romp around in.  The same goes for if the temperature where you live is very hot.  Dogs with sensitive paws will greatly benefit from foot booties because they protect their paws.


Some dogs tend to pick at stitches after surgery, which can be dangerous to their health.  Foot booties make it nearly impossible to undo stitches or remove needed bandages.  Foot booties are therefore a good idea for fussy dogs that pick at stitches.

Dogs With Medical Issues

Many of us have seen dogs that roll around on wheels due to paralization in their legs or lower body.  In these circumstances, the wheels work wonderfully, but some dogs unknowingly drag their back feet when they roll around, damaging their nails and toe pads.  Booties protect dog’s back feet from being damaged when they are lightly dragging on the ground, helping them stay healthy.  Another medical issue that booties help with is when a dog is missing a foot, and yes it happens.  These booties can be custom made to act as a clip-on foot for disabled dogs, getting them up and running again!

For more information, talk to your local dog trainers, or contact our Florida dog training center.  We have a list of recommendations for dog booties if you need help finding some!