Hurricane season is approaching.  Tropical thunderstorms keep showing up on radar in clusters and we need to prepare for the worst.  That means buying bottled water, canned foods, batteries, and more.  But within the midst of your preparations, did you remember to purchase items for your pets?  Do you have pet supplies to ride out a storm?  Here is a storm checklist for pet owners.  Be sure you go through it and start planning from now.

Create an Emergency Pet Storm Kit

You have an emergency storm kit for you, so why isn’t there one created for your pet?  Start by packing a full week or two of pet food.  You need to have it on-hand in case your pet gets hungry.  Also, pack a few garbage bags in case there is any waste or clean-up needed after a storm. You don’t want your pet to catch something from the post-storm debris.  The garbage bags will help achieve this goal.  Also, you need to have the pet carrier ready to go.  Make sure it is in good condition and lasts through a storm.  You don’t want anything to break off of it endangering your pet further.

In addition, always keep your pet’s papers up to date, including identity tags, medical records, and your contact information.  Be certain these items are secure with your pet.  You need to be certain your pet is easily identified if for some reason you were forced to evacuate.

To find out more about how to handle a storm as a responsible pet owner, talk to a Florida dog trainer or a k9 obedience instructor today.