Ask any Florida dog obedience training professional, and he/she will state that dogs need to be active.  It is part of their natural make-up.  But what if you already present plenty of play and your dog still has difficulty calming down?  Here are a few techniques to implement teaching your dog to relax.

Ignore Unwanted Behavior

If you wish to relax, and have your dog remain calm during specific moments, then do not acknowledge your pup jumping on you or others in the room at the time.  Ignore it.  If you respond, your dog may interpret that as play interaction.  On the other hand, if your dog is laying down or sitting still, then reach down and pet your pup.  Pay attention.  If your pup starts to get rambunctious from you petting, then stop.  Repeat this until your pup learns to remain tranquil.  Eventually, the repetition of acknowledging the wanted behavior computes with your dog.  Your pup will make the correlation and learn if he remains calm, then attention is given.

Engage in Repetition

Once your dog understands the behavior you crave, provide your dog with treats during relaxation.  Some k9 obedience dog training professionals suggest offering a piece of cheese, chicken or doggie treats every 10 seconds, as long as your pup is laying down calmly.  Once your pup gets into the habit, widen the gap of time in-between treats.  After a while of applying this technique, your dog shall initiate the calming state without any prompting from you.

Dogs are able to learn calming behaviors.  Thus, do not underestimate the possibilities.  Talk to a Florida dog training center and find out the different tools available allowing you to bond with your pup in a positive, loving, healthy manner.