K9 Korral featured on Sarasota’s City Business Copy

Sarasota’s City Business segment has come out to show all that we have to offer here at K9 Korral.  Watch their video here now to see testimonials from our clients and learn why we’re the best source in Sarasota Florida for your dog training, dog boarding, holistic pet supplies, and more!

K9 Korral featured on Sarasota’s City Business

Sarasota’s City Business segment has come out to show all that we have to offer here at K9 Korral.  Watch their video here now to see testimonials from our clients and learn why we’re the best source in Sarasota Florida for your dog training, dog boarding, holistic pet supplies, and more!

Do Pets Grieve?

I want to share this incredible story of love and loss. I recently suffered the loss of not only one, but two pets within two days.

Although my family extends beyond the trio of Dewey. Brandy, and myself, the three of us were a pack. We were toqether 24/7, 7 days a week.

Dewey was just 10 years old when he was diaqnosed with lung cancer. I asked my veterinarian Dr. Huber how many months he thouqht Dewey had left. He said he thouqht it would be more like weeks.

Dewey only survived a month.

I thank God that I had the opportunity to have this additional quality time with him. Brandy just continued to be her normal self, not really understandinq what was about to happen.


Well, I started to treat the three of us to a lot of steak – piece for Dewey, one for Brandy and then one for myself until it was qone, and the next day, I would do the same.

Dewey attended his last pet event on Sunday, May 6 – Gettel Toyota’s Doq Day Afternoon. At events, he would lie on the table all day and let people pet him.

He did his last pet therapy session with Jim, a man who also was sufferinq from cancer. I called to tell Edna, Jim’s wife, that I was cominq over with Dewey. She said Jim hadn’t awakened for 24 hours, was unable to open his eyes and his movement was limited. I said that I needed to do this not only for Dewey and Jim, but for myself. I brought Dewey in, told Jim that Dewey also had cancer and that I wanted him to do his last pet therapy with him. Jim was so happy and started to pet Dewey with so much love and pleasure. Jim amazinqly opened his eyes and told me that if he had to do it over aqain, that he would not have changed a thinq in his life. We all cried, and I left satisfied that Dewey once aqain had made someone happy. Jim died a week before Dewey.

It was a rough weekend for Dewey, with labored breathing and other issues associated with lung cancer. Brandy could feel that something was wrong, and I knew that I would have to make that dreaded decision. Dewey looked up at me with a look of desperation, because he could no longer do for me what he once did. The look was a cry of help, as if he was asking me, “What is happening?” I told Dewey that he was dying and that I would always love and miss him. I also told him that I couldn’t allow him to suffer because of my selfishness. I made the decision to put him down and give him eternal life.



I called Jeff and he was a mess. Mike and Jennifer, who work with us at K9 Korral, supported us in getting ready. I laid out my favorite quilt on the grass. It was made by my mother, and I had asked her to give it to me before she moved from Florida just three days prior to our preparations. I spread it out with the four of us all saying goodbye to Dewey. I told Dewey it was time as he licked my face and he weakly followed me.

I can’t describe the loss that I feel for my good friend, Dewey.

The next day I loaded up Brandy for work, just as I always had done in the past. Dewey always followed Brandy looked around for Dewey, and when she saw that he was not there, she let out an agonizing howl. She went to work with me, but she was not herself and would not eat. It was not in her character to leave any remaining food on her plate. I went on an appointment. When I returned she was just staring out the window in a daze. When she got up, she lost her footing. I picked her up to take her onto the grass, and she let out a long, agonizing cry and basically died in my arms.

Her x-ray was clean. for whatever medical reason my vet gave me as to why she may have passed, I knew that she died of a broken heart.

This was a true love story.

Brandy lost Dewey – I lost them both.


It is sometimes hard to live life on life’s terms. The day that I found out that Dewey had cancer, I also received a call from Iris at Satchel’s Last Resort Sanctuary. She told me that there was a puppy named Mickey at Sarasota County Animal Services that had been the victim of an unfortunate set of circumstances and needed to be placed in a foster home immediately. At the time, we already had seven rescues at K9 Korral and did not need another. But, we were told, if a rescue group did not take Mickey from Animal Services, his fate – and his future – was uncertain.


We decided that the K9 Korral would foster the dog, and Satchel’s would be the animal group responsible for finding Mickey a forever home.

I asked Mike, a K9 Korral volunteer, to pick Mickey up from Animal Services. Mickey did not like Mike or anyone else at that particular time. However, when Mickey saw me, he instantly ran to me and cried for me when I left. I kept my distance from Mickey so I would not fall for him. I knew Dewey was dying, but I could never have a new puppy with Brandy – she was nearly 15 years old!

Well, I guess God works in very mysterious ways, and I am learning to accept the fact that Mickey has picked his new “Dad.”

In closing. what I have to say is this: Go hug your dog RIGHT NOW! Appreciate the time you have left with them; fry them up a steak, and enjoy it together.



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Best Dog Training to Housebreak your dog

What’s the trick to successfully house training your dog? Let her go by her own instincts and do it her way.

House Training the Natural Way

Dogs are really clean creatures. They don’t want to get themselves, or their eating and sleeping areas messed up any more than you do. They are also creatures of habit. If they get used to going in the grass, they don’t really want to go on the driveway. Just use these natural tendencies and you’ll have much better success at training your pet.

Insure Success With The Best Dog Training in Sarasota

Determine the Living Area
Start off by giving your dog a very special place for sleeping. It can be anything from a box to a crate to a big towel. At first, she my not be able to help herself and eliminate on her bed. But once she gets it, and realizes this is where she will have to sleep, she will do everything she can to avoid that special place. Once your pet gets used to the fact that that’s her bed, you can take her bed with you wherever you go around the hose. Then just lease her to that spot by closing her in, or tying her with a leash, depending on the type of bed, so she can’t leave it. You may even want to tie her to yourself so that she has to accompany you wherever you go.

Set Up the Toilet Area

Next is where she will go potty. It could be a special place in the yard, or whenever you take her for a walk. Be sure you’re close to this spot whenever she is ready to go. And be sure you’re with her every time she needs to go until she has formed the habit. Just remember that if she goes somewhere else, that other spot is going to become her habitual spot. So, there’s a trick to all of this. Just to make it easier on you and your dog, feed her on a regular schedule. Whatever goes in one end on a regular schedule will come out the other end on a regular schedule. So if you know when she is scheduled to go potty, you simply take her to her spot on that schedule. Typically you can plan on normal healthy dogs having to eliminate every eight hours. Be sure not to put her in an area without access to her toilet area for very long. If she can’t hold on, she will soil her bed, herself or her den and this could become a habit. This would just extend the time for housetraining.

House Training: Making it Complete

After your dog starts using her toilet area regularly without mishaps in her den, you can then expand her den to the whole house. Start out with just one room at a time. But don’t let her roam unless you are absolutely certain that her bowels are empty. As long as you are around, you can let her sleep, eat and run to her heart’s content. But when you can’t be there, you must put her back in her bed or her den. When she is comfortable with this room, move on to the next.

Get Natural House Training done quicker

As long as you follow this schedule, you’ll have a housebroken dog in no time. If you want to speed up the process, simply reward her every time she uses her toilet area. Also, be sure you don’t reprimand her because it will just slow down the process.

House Training issues

* If she continues to make mistakes, you’ll need to take her to the toilet area more often, or not give her as much free reign.

* Still soiling her bed? She’s probably there too long and just couldn’t hold it, or she hasn’t figured out yet that this is her bed. Medical issues and urinary tract infections can sometime cause dogs to “wet their bed” while sleeping.

* Occasionally, dogs will simply drink too much water. If that’s your dog, give her less water, take her to her toilet more often or give her more to do so she isn’t bored.

* If the den isn’t made to feel like a fun place, she may feel imprisoned there and may exhibit barking, chewing, anxiety and whining, etc.  Just be sure her den is a fun place to be.

* If accidents continue to happen, you’ll need to take her to the vet to check out any medical conditions.

* Be sure your dog gets a good diet of dry food. Not table scraps, or different brands. If you do have to change a brand, mix the two gradually to blend in the new brand.

Accidents Do Happen

If you find an accident, don’t punish your pet. Just clean it up. If you punish the dog, they will only think you are mad at them. It doesn’t tell them anything about why you are punishing them. Having an accident only means that you have let her into the house too soon. So don’t give her access to the house until you can trust her. Until the accidents stop, it’s back to crate training. You need to do a better job of estimating her needs and she needs more time to get her bladder and bowels under control.

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Preparing For The Best Dog Day Care in Sarasota

You’re getting ready for your big vacation and the questions come up about what to do with Rover while you’re gone. You’ve decided to board him, but how do you prepare him and you for this stressful time? What do you need to gather before dropping him off? All these questions go through your mind. If you do this right, Rover will be just fine while you’re gone, and so will you. With a little preparation, this will go off without a hitch. You hope!

As soon as you know what your plans are, call the kennel to make your reservation. (You can always adjust it later.) If you don’t make a reservation, Rover may not have a place to stay, especially during holiday periods. Some require a credit card with the reservation. Be sure you know the cancellation policy. If this is your first time, ask if you can visit the facility. Then reserve a time. You’ll want to see how the other dogs react to the staff and to see what the place smells like. Invariably, a resident will “poop” when a visitor shows up, and that’s OK. But it shouldn’t be offensive or different from home. Discuss all charges and how payments are made. If Rover has any special issues, bring them up now. And be honest. If Rover is scared of men, women, storms or won’t potty on concrete, let the kennel know about it now so then can plan for it.

What to do before you board Rover

Before you leave for the kennel, be sure you’ve read over the Terms and Conditions, so you’ll know what to expect. You’ll need to have all of your vaccinations up to date, to include the dates he will be boarding.

If Rover gets sick before you leave, visit the vet and contact the kennel immediately after the visit to inform them of the results. If you don’t do this, some kennels won’t let Rover in. The kennel may also contact the vet to be sure he will be available during Rover’s stay, in case of emergency. In addition, you may be asked to pay an up-charge for any special needs that Rover requires during his stay.

If Rover needs medication while you’re gone, you may need to supply extra doses in case your return is delayed, especially if it’s for an on-going medical condition. Speaking of prevention, many people are seen driving with their pet’s head hanging out the window. This is dangerous. Why? The pet could be hit by a flying object and damage an eye, as just one example.

How to prepare for the best dog day care

Be sure to provide a collar that is two fingers tight. And be sure you can’t pull it over his head. If it comes off, it needs to be tighter. He should also have an identification tag attached firmly to the collar. Do not feed Rover before you drop him off, because there will be a meal waiting for him at the kennel. Bring all of Rover’s tags and familiar bedding/old shirts, socks, etc. with your scent on it. If you don’t have such a garment, simply take one of yours and rub it between your hands. Put this in his bed and he will get your scent and feel much more comfortable.

Things to do when you pick up Rover

When it’s time to pick up Rover, he is going to be super excited to see you. He may even be able to smell your scent before he sees you. Do not call Rover until the attendant brings him to you. And, under no circumstances should you open the gate until the attendant says it’s OK. This is important for the safety of you, the staff and the dogs.

After Rover has settled down a little, check him over real good to be sure he looks in good condition. Be sure to collect all of Rover’s personal effects and medication. If you get a customer survey, be sure to complete it within the time specified and return it to the kennel, so that the staff can be sure they are doing their job properly.

When you get home, Rover will probably be very thirsty. Give him plenty to drink. This has nothing to do with not receiving enough water during his stay. This could be caused by a surge of adrenaline, which will have the effect of drying his mouth. Let him drink up before you make a big deal over him.

Best advice is not to take Rover for a two-hour run as soon as you get home. Let him settle in first and get his bearings. He will probably want to sleep a lot at first. But within a few days, he’ll be back to his normal self. So don’t exercise him a lot at first and feed him a little less food for a couple of days. Before you know it. He’ll be chasing you around the house and down the street.

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