Walking into a hospital with a therapy dog instantly brings joy to patients.  It lifts their spirits, makes patients forget about hardships, and places focus on the interaction with an animal.  But how do you train your canine to be a therapy dog?  There are organizations specifically designed to manage this type of training.  Here is an overview of what to expect in therapy dog training.

What does Therapy Dog Training Cover?

Therapy dog training varies depending on your location.  Each state has its own set of rules.  However, the first step is the same across the board; your dog needs to be certified as a canine good citizen.

This requires your dog to go through training that concentrates on how to ignore distractions.  In a hospital or nursing home, there are medical machines, noises, alarms, and paging systems.  All of these factors can cause distractions.  Your dog learns how to overlook these factors, and disregard these circumstantial elements.

How do Classes Help Shape Your Dog?

The classes engage in activities encountered while on the job.  This prepares the dog to the various situations present when working.  The idea is the dog becomes comfortable with wires, hospital equipment running, IVs, people and more.  Therefore, when the time comes to go to work, the dog remains calm, and carries out his job successfully.

To find out more information about what does it take to be a therapy dog, talk to a Florida dog training or a k9 obedience instructor today!