When I used to leave my dog in the car, he never barked.  He would sit still, lie down, and relax in the backseat until it is time to exit the vehicle.  Lately though, it has been a different story.  My dog barks nonstop in an unruly fashion.  It is frightful to passer-bys and unnecessary.  Thus, it is time to start implementing positive reinforcement dog training techniques to solve this problem.  These tips will keep your dog relaxed, calm, and quiet until it is time to exit the car.

Walk Out and Ignore

The Florida dog training tip I used was the ‘walk away and repeat’ method. This is how it went…I would drive my dog to a specific location, and exit the car solo.  I would walk away still remaining within hearing distance, but far enough to prove to my dog that I am not near the automobile.  Usually, around 15 feet is suitable for this technique.  Then, I stop. I stand with my back to the car and wait until my dog stops barking.  If my dog continues to bark, I do not react.  I hold my ground with my back to the car ignoring my dog.  If my dog stops barking, I turn around and walk towards the car.  I continue this method until my dog stops barking.  Once my dog is peaceful and silent, I walk the entire distance to the car and let my dog out.

This method even works when I take my dog to the dog park.

To find out more dog training tips, talk to a k9 obedience instructor today!