Small dogs are great companions for urban dwellers.  They do not take up much space making it ideal for apartment living.  But there are common mistakes made with taking care of small dogs.  Some dog owners are uneducated on the difference between handling a small versus a larger breed dog.  Here is an inside look on what you can expect when living with a small breed.

Exercise Your Small Dog

Just because a dog is small does not mean you should carry your dog everywhere.  Dogs need to run around.  A small dog breed is no different.  Allow your small dog to exercise, run around your apartment, play fetch, and expend energy.  It may take less time for a small dog to wear out than a large breed, but exercise and playtime is still necessary to providing your dog with a healthy life.

Do Not Carry Your Small Dog Everywhere

Small dogs are still dogs.  It is good to permit your dog to walk around on a leash when possible.  Do not carry your dog everywhere.  A small dog needs to roam around, and develop social skills.  This occurs when you allow your dog to walk next to you rather than carry it.  For instance, if you approach someone while holding your dog in your arms, you do not allow natural relationships to build between your dog and others.  People will automatically come and pet your dog.  It may cause fear in your dog.  However, if your dog is on the ground, walking, sniffing, approaching other animals and people, as your dog is comfortable, then the natural instincts a dog feels to approach or avoid occurs.  It is part of a fit development of a dog.  If you carry your dog, then you are eliminating this process from happening, which could harm your dog in the long run.

To find out more information about small breed dogs, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional.  He/she will provide additional information on what it is like to own a small dog and how to adapt to a small breed ensuring the needs of your pup are met.