When taking your dog out for a walk, there are many distractions along the way.  There are other animals, traffic, and people enticing your dog’s instincts to chase.  At these moments is when teaching your dog to turn around comes in handy.  It keeps your dog safe, still and prevents your dog from running after others while outside.  Here are a few tips on how to teach your dog do a turnaround.

Start Walking with Your Dog on a Leash

To begin, start walking in a straight line with your dog on a leash.  After a couple of footsteps, use the command, “This way!”  At the same time, hold a treat with cheese, chicken, or your favorite dog’s treat in front of your canine’s nose.  This will get your dog’s attention.  Once your dog pays attention, start leading your dog with the treat out front and turn around.  Your dog will follow.  Just do this in a smooth movement.  Do not tug on the leash.  After your canine follows, take a few more steps, and give your dog a treat as a reward.  Provide praise.  Repeat these movements.  Your dog will begin to associate the u-turn around with the reward.

Repeat Sequence

Keep this lesson fresh in your dog’s mind by practicing.  Then start weaning your dog off the treats during the turnaround.  Give your dog the treat after two turnarounds, then lower the frequency.

To find out more information about how to teach your dog to u-turn, contact a Florida dog obedience training professional today.