We have covered Florida dog training tips before in previous blogs, but here is more advice to help you along this journey.  If you keep this in mind while training your dog, then the frustration that comes from dog training should be reduced to a minimum.

Never Use Force

One thing to remember is to never instill physical harm to your dog.  You never want to make your dog do something by applying physical force.  It will turn your dog off from training completely and the results are devastating.  It causes your dog to attain many issues throughout his/her development.  Avoid this at all costs.

Practice on a Regular Basis

Apply the training lessons on a standard schedule.  Use the lessons when you go for walks, visit with friends, go to the dog park, and anytime you are out with your dog.  This will help ensure the training attaches to your pet’s traits.  It shall become natural instinct to the point your dog exhibits the wanted behavior without being prompted or reminded.  Eventually, your dog will adapt the wanted behavior as part of his/hers regular routine.

Provide Rewards in a Timely Manner

Be consistent when offering rewards to your dog.  Remember, during training a dog needs to be rewarded immediately after completing positive behavior or else the dog does not make the correlation between attaining a reward and finishing wanted actions.  The link between the two needs to remain strong, and the best way to handle it is by making certain rewards are given after the performance occurs.

For more information on how to properly, effectively and successfully train your dog, talk to a Florida dog obedience instructor today.