Dogs need exercise, and one way for your dog to attain this goal is through swimming, but you need to take the proper steps to show your dog how to swim.  You do not want the introduction to water to be a tough transition.  Throwing your dog into water and hoping your dog knows what to do is a huge no-no in swim training.  Your dog will become frightened, and never wish to enter the water again.  Instead, use these tips to teach your dog to swim in an upbeat manner leaving a long lasting positive water impression.

Introduction to Water

Regardless of your dog’s age, find calm, shallow water for the introductions.  Then slowly have your dog inch his/her way into the water.  Be sure there is a long leash on your dog, and walk into the water alongside.  Provide lots of praise so there is no panic on your dog’s part.  Show your dog that it is okay and a positive experience.  Once your dog is comfortable, your dog will begin to show swimming abilities.  Just keep it light.  If your dog appears to be mastering the art of swimming, and enjoying it, then go into deeper waters.

What to Remember When Going Swimming with Your Dog

Remember to always bring fresh water for your dog to drink.  Your dog needs to stay hydrated as much as you do.  If you are swimming in an ocean, do not let your dog swim into currents.  In addition, do not let your dog to jump into deep water.  You do not know what can be lurking in the waters without gradually entering it.  Prevent any accidents by gradually entering the water of choice.  These are actually good reminders for you, and your dog.

To learn more swimming tips, talk to a Florida obedience training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.