There is a surplus of dog shampoos on the market these days.  Many people may not think of shampoo as a big deal for a dog, but it can easily affect their overall health and well being.  With so many shampoos, making a decision for your dog may be difficult.  This choice is made very simple by knowing that dog skin is very much like human skin in the way that there are many different types, such as dry or oily.  Picking the right shampoo for your dog can give them healthy skin along with putting a shine in their coat, just as picking the wrong shampoo can irritate your dogs skin and damage their coat.  These dog care tips will help their hair stay shiny and healthy making them live a happier longer life.

NEVER Use Human Shampoo!

Dog health is often negatively affected by using human shampoo on their coats.  A reason for this is that humans have a lot more water in their bodies than dogs do, so consequently our shampoos tend dry out our skin much more, while dog shampoos moisturize their skin like crazy.  Using your shampoo on them once or twice when you run out of theirs wont be the end of the world, but it will easily cause irritation, and make your pet itchy and irritable.  These pet care tips come in handy when you are making the decision of using your shampoo or going shopping.

Different Types of Shampoo

It is easy to tell what a pets skin type is simply by feeling it!  If their skin feels dry or flaky when you touch it, your dog is likely to have dry skin.  If you find that your dog does have dry skin, it is best to choose a shampoo that has an oatmeal or jojoba base.  These shampoos will help gently moisturize dry skin without making their coat oily.  On the opposite end of the spectrum there is oily skin.  If their fur has an oily residue on it, it is best to look for refreshing shampoos that go into deep cleaning on dog skin.  Additionally, it is best to look for shampoos that do not use conditioner, because they tend to make oily skin worse.