Bad dog breath is often a staple in dogs and can be hard to cope with.  Big or small, our furry friends are often not so good on the dental hygiene scale.  Luckily, treating bad breath in dogs is very easily done with some good dog care tips.

Causes and Cures

Bad breath in dogs isn’t just caused by lack of dental hygiene, but also by things such as periodontal or gum disease, intestinal problems, digestive problems, or even just a lacking diet.  Before jumping to conclusions over the cause of your dog’s bad breath, it is always a smart idea to see your vet about it.  The most common problem to bad breath in dogs is gum disease.  Gum disease can be easily cured, but first you should try scheduling a teeth cleaning with your vet.  Also there are bones that act as floss that your dog will enjoy as a yummy treat.

Home Remedies

Usually a home remedy would not be suggested, but these few are simple and harmless.  Giving your dog some fresh squeezed lemon juice is a simple way to freshen up their breath.  However steer clear of bottled lemon juice, because it has preservatives and sugars that can stick to the dog’s teeth and cause decay or cavities.  Another easy solution is switching your dog’s food.  It is a handy tip to know that by eating dry food rather than wet food, due to the fact that wet food leaves residue while dry food usually cleans their teeth while they eat.  If you’re already using dry food, check what kind of foods your vet has in stock and give it a go instead of a store bought brand.  The last and somewhat awkward suggestion is to brush your dog’s teeth.  It’s not unusual, so if your vet suggests it, the process is just like brushing your own teeth. These pet care tips will not only help their breath smell better, but have a significant impact on their overall health.

Love your pet!