Becoming new parents is a joyous time for the entire family.  Loved ones gather, celebrate and shower your home with love and happiness.  But how does the dynamic differ when there is a dog involved?  It can be a tricky situation.  You want to make sure your dog does not become aggressive or jealous over your precious newborn.  Here are two Florida dog training tips on how to create a smooth transition from bringing the baby home, and having your dog react in a positive manner.

Bring Home a Baby Blanket

Dogs use their sense of smell to acclimate themselves with the area, and the people around.  Use this to your advantage.  Wrap your baby up in a baby blanket.  Then bring home the blanket to your dog.  Allow your dog to sniff the blanket and familiarize with the baby scent.  This way when your baby comes home, your dog is already accustomed to the baby smell.  It alleviates anxiety a dog may feel by having a new being present.   It makes the dog feel like the baby already belongs, since the scent has existed in the home for a few days prior.

Place a Baby Gate

If your dog is properly trained, then placing a baby gate at the nursery door would instinctively deter your dog from entering the room.  It does not matter if your dog and baby get along fine.  It prevents unsupervised interaction from occurring.

For more tips on how to introduce your dog to your new baby, enroll in a k9 obedience class today!