Holiday music chiming through the radio and retail stores reminds me; it is time to book my travel accommodations to visit friends and family.  However, it also means I need to book proper boarding for my dogs.  But where should they stay?  How do I identify a reputable pet resort from the poorly managed ones?

Many loving dog owners across the world come across the same dilemma.  You think about where to leave your precious pet, and with whom.  It is an agonizing decision.  I am leaving my added family member behind and want to be certain my dogs are left in good hands.  Here is an overview of what to look for ensuring you find a reputable pet resort.

Tour the Facility

Call the potential pet hotel and ask to see the facilities.  Successful resorts would answer with, “You are welcome to come anytime.  Our doors are always open.”  Alternatively, there may offer to provide you with a tour.  If the location says no to tours and visitors or requires by appointment only then proceed with caution.  It may be a warning sign that something is not up to par.

Ask Questions

What type of action is set if a medical emergency occurs?  How many restroom breaks is provided?  What is the temperature set at and how is it controlled?  How large is the room?  Will your pet be sharing space with another?  All of these questions are valid that deserve solid answers.  Make your list prior to visiting the potential pet boarding locale ensuring you do not forget to enquire about essentials and necessities.

To find a reputable pet boarding facility or pet resort, talk to a Florida dog training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.  He/she will guide you by providing a list of recommended facilities in the area.