Sooner or later everyone needs to do home renovations, so why not make them good for your pet too?  Making pet friendly home decisions won’t only be good for house care, but also good for dog care.  Here are a few ways in which you can redo your home that will benefit you and your dog!


When getting new carpet, it is important to consider if you will be able to tell if your pet has an accident.  Not being able to see where your dog has urinated will make the room smell horrible, and you won’t be able to tell where it’s coming from.  Also keep in mind that white carpet is generally a bad idea.  Many people adore white carpet for looking so clean, but that’s because it is clean.  Keeping a white carpet in it’s natural state is back-breaking, and with a pet, it is best to go for a different color.


Dogs and cats love to lie on the couch and relax, but shedding can be an extreme issue.  Your dog’s behavior should depend on what you find acceptable, but if you have issues with pets lying on your furniture, you might want to look into Florida dog training.   I think I’m right in saying that everyone has been to a  house in which the owner lets their dogs hair stay all over their couch, and let me tell you…  it’s gross.  Not only do you get dog hair all over your clothes but it can be very smelly, itchy, and uncomfortable.  With this in mind, try to pick a couch that has a color similar to your dogs hair, and that is easy to clean.  Leather and materials of that kind are easy to clean, but if you have a leather couch, remember to trim your dogs nails regularly; dog’s nails are infamous for effortlessly scratching up pricey leather couches.


Many people (including myself) have playful dogs.  This being said, anything within their reach is fair game for play, including household decorations.  Try to keep things away from where they can reach, so if you buy a nice vase, when placing it in your house, remember that your dog could easily run into the table it’s sitting on.  This is especially true with hanging curtains.  Dogs (and especially cat’s) can easily tear up curtains and ruin them.

Making pet-friendly home decisions will make life easier for you and your dog!