Just like the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday for people but a difficult one for our pets. Fireworks, which are common on New Year’s Eve, can cause even a dog who has been through k9 obedience training to run away from the scary, loud sounds and sparks. The fun and frivolity of a party can also be dangerous for your pet.

A few common sense tips can help keep your dog safe on New Year’s while still allowing you to have your fun:

1. Keep your dog inside on New Year’s Eve. Period. Even if your city doesn’t have scheduled fireworks, many individuals in your neighborhood may be setting them off, and some people even have the frightening and dangerous tradition of shooting firearms into the air at midnight. Keep your pets inside to help ensure their safety.
2. Don’t take your pet with you on New Year’s Eve, even if you usually allow them to tag along. This will help ensure that a random frightening event won’t make them bolt away from you.
3. Make sure your dog wears an identification tag. Even with your best efforts, if your dog gets out when friends are letting themselves in and out during a party, he may bolt. If your dog doesn’t have an id tag, write your phone number with a permanent marker on his collar.
4. If you’re hosting a party, make sure that your guests keep alcohol and other dangerous foods away from your dog. Chocolate, raisins, and many varieties of nuts can be toxic to dogs, so keep your dog safely away from the temptation by crating them or locking them into a room where guests won’t be allowed.

To help keep your dog safe on New Year’s Eve – and every day of the year, you should also strongly consider Florida dog obedience training.  There’s no substitute for a well-trained pet in a potentially dangerous situation.