Have you noticed there is a slight increase in the number of overweight dogs lately?  If you walk along the streets, there seems to be noticeably heavier dogs than in the past.  I am no scientist.  I have no statistical research, but it seems our dogs are left entertaining themselves solo more than in prior times.  It makes commonsense.  People are working longer hours at further jobs making up for financial loss that occurred during the recession.  Thus, we are away from our homes for extended durations.  And when we do this our dogs may be hanging around doing nothing, unless we provide our dogs with activities.  Here is one way to prevent your dog from turning into a couch potato.

Use Puzzle Toys

I have briefly discussed this before, but it is important to discover puzzle toys.  Puzzle toys are toys that are stuffed with food or your dog’s favorite treats, but takes time for your dog to discover where the treat is located inside the toy.  It is essentially a puzzle.  Hence, the name puzzle toy.  This engages your dog in mental and physical activity.  Sometimes it takes your dog one hour or two to solve it.  It is a great way to keep your dog from just lying around sleeping while you are gone from the house.  It provides your dog with a chance to develop skills further, even while you are away.

This is one way to prevent your dog from turning into a couch potato.  For more tips, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional or a k9 obedience instructor today.