Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting, yet, anxious moment for you and the pup.  It may be the first time your puppy is away from the litter and his mom.  So create a healthy, happy, and calm sleeping area for your puppy.  Puppy preschool instructors are able to guide you with insight on how to attain this type of atmosphere.  A professional will be able to provide specific advice. In the meantime, here are a few tips to help direct you down the right path.

Tire Your Puppy Out with Play

A puppy needs lots of playtime and sleep.  Thus, before it is time to put your puppy down to sleep for the night exhaust your puppy out with play.  You want the puppy to go to sleep naturally.  You do not want to force your puppy to lie down when not ready.  Any excitable energy remaining from the day will create an anxious moment.  Thus, continue playing until it is time to go to sleep.  In addition, be sure to take your pup outside to use the bathroom.  Take care of all the necessities before bedtime.

Put the Puppy Sleeping Area in Same Room

For the first few nights, it is a wise idea to keep your pup in the same room as one of the family members.  You do not want your pup to feel isolated and away from the rest of the family.  A dog needs to feel like part of a pack.

There are many other tricks on how to ease your pup into his new home.  Talk to a Florida dog training professional today.  He/she will be able to provide you with further techniques to assist in helping your puppy sleep restfully at night.