After adopting your new pup the next step is to name your dog.  Take into consideration the breed, traits, and color of your pup.  Think about what suits your dog best.  If you are about to adopt a dog and wish to consult with someone regarding popular names talk to a Florida dog obedience professional.  He/she handles numerous dogs a day, and with this gained experience, a dog-training expert will be able to supply you with a plethora of male dog names.  In the meantime, here is a list to help spark the perfect name for your pup.

Most Common Male Dog Names

If your dog is a large breed, then names featuring superheroes, historical and/or mythological figures come into play.  For instance, Zeus, Hercules, and Genghis are great names for large breed dogs.  Other popular masculine names include Buddy, Jake, Rocky and Buster.

If you are looking for less traditional names, then think about naming the dog after your favorite website or electronics, such as Apple, Amazon or EBay.  If you prefer a kid-friendly name, children love to call dogs Bingo, Milo and Gruff.  These names all relate to something children associate with famous dogs from childhood stories, commercials and songs.

There are many different directions to go with naming your dog.   Ask the entire household to participate in naming him.  Consider the pup’s attributes before choosing.  Decide democratically and vote for the house favorite.

The pup is part of your family.  Thus, provide him with a great name to go with his new role.

For information on how to train your adopted dog, see a k9 obedience training class today.