When you are a responsible dog owner, you ensure your dog receives proper exercise, nutritious food, regular grooming, and exceptional medical care.  But finding an experienced, knowledgeable, and successful veterinarian in your area can be challenging.  Here are help you find the right veterinarian meeting your dog’s needs.

Initial Meeting with the Selected Vet

The first thing you may want to do when narrowing down your veterinarian selection is make an appointment.  This way you can review the facilities, staff, and make sure the space is clean, modern, and well-organized.  Find out how many veterinarians are on staff.  Find out about how many patients currently go this location, and what is the proper chain of command if the main vet is on vacation.  Also, find a veterinarian that you has excellent communication skills.  For when you bring your pet in, it may be under higth stress circumstances.  Therefore, you need to find a vet that is able to defuse the situation, listen to your dilemma, and fix the problem.  If a vet is lacking in the communications department, then the vet will not be able to execute these tasks successfully.

What to Ask the Veterinarian

Once you have narrowed down your veterinarian choices, there are a few questions you need to ask ensuring you found the right veterinarian for your loving dog.  The first is find out what type of accreditation does the practice possess?  Furthermore, what is the standard practice for pain management?  Some veterinarians believe in giving pain medications, while others give up on the dog too easily.  Furthermore, what type of training, education, and licensing does the technician and staff have?  These are all important questions to ask the veterinarian.
When looking for the best veterinarian in your area, talk to a Florida dog obedience trainer or a k9 obedience instructor to find out who he/she recommends ensuring you locate the best trainer possible.