It is important to maintain a well-balanced household, which includes having your kids interact with the dog in the house.  There are games that are safe, develop socialization skills, and desirable behavior in your pet.  Your kid will be provided with the knowledge to initiate the play.  Here are the best and worst games for the child and pet to engage in together.

Avoid Aggressive Games

Any game that embarks in aggressive behavior, avoid.  This includes tug-of-war, chasing, wrestling and other rough-housing games.  These games could cause something negative to unfold that a child may not know how to handle.  Thus, avoid these types of play between a child and dog.

Encourage Thinking Games

Playing “fetch” is a thinking and physical game.  It allows your dog to expend energy, think, and focus.  This is a great game for a child and dog to play.  First, teach a child how to play.  Hand the child a dog toy.  Tell the child to toss the toy and say, “Fetch!”  This keys the dog in to understanding that the word is associated with the movement.  Then, have the child kneel down, and when the dog returns, have the child state, “Drop it!”  Once the dog does so, the child rewards with plenty of praise and pet treats.  Have the child repeat.  It is a fun game for both to interact and safely bond over.

To find out more about what games are safe for a child and dog to do together, talk to a Florida dog obedience trainer or a k9 obedience instructor today.